Sustainability is continuously gaining importance as a topic throughout society. Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important for sports.

Together we can do it. As a team.

Increasingly, more leagues are introducing sustainability criteria that clubs must currently or soon adhere to. For instance, the DFL has already implemented sustainability criteria for the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga since the 2022/2023 season. Starting from the 2024/2025 season, the DFB will also introduce such criteria for the 3rd League and the Women's Bundesliga.

We support the transformation into a sustainability-oriented club and thus also the implementation of sustainability criteria.

The following services are based on the DFB's sustainability criteria and represent our recommendation for fulfilling these criteria. We are open to adjustments or expansions based on the club's wishes and needs.

Development of a sustainability strategy

Together, we will initiate the sustainable transformation of the club. Sustainability will be embedded in the structures such as the statutes or bylaws. Based on this, the sustainability strategy will be developed and should include the following minimum components to ensure completeness: vision and mission, focus areas and priorities in sustainability work, engagement with stakeholder groups, and the club's sustainability goals.

Greenhouse gas protocol & consumption measurement

Our services include the detailed recording and analysis of GHG emissions (greenhouse gases) for sports clubs and sports organizations, covering Scope 1, 2, and 3 areas. We assist you in determining your carbon footprints and developing tailored strategies to set and achieve specific sustainability goals.

Stakeholder analysis

Our services include conducting a stakeholder analysis, identifying the key stakeholders or interest groups. Additionally, we determine the significant aspects related to ecological, social, and economic sustainability that are important for your club, in order to develop targeted and effective measures.

Development of a mobility concept

Together with you, we examine the fan mobility of your supporters. This involves developing a coordinated concept of various modes of transportation based on the club's objectives and goals for future mobility. Surveys are conducted to assess the use of public transportation, the option of cycling to the venue, and arrival by car. Potential incentives and opportunities for change are derived from this analysis.


For sustainable development and goal achievement of a sports organization, it is important to engage various stakeholders. Awareness-raising measures play a crucial role in this regard. With our customized workshops, employees, management, staff, players, fans, and others can be engaged and integrated into the sustainable development of the sports organization.

Communication and reporting on sustainability

In sustainability communication, creating a sustainability report is one of the most important measures. It should encompass the three pillars of sustainability (environment, social, economic). We can assist you in this and in general in planning a communication strategy for sustainability.

Funding the transformation

Sustainability measures may involve expenses. We support you in your strategy for financing these, such as seeking partners/sponsors for this topic or finding a suitable grant program.