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What we offer

We offer four different sustainability packages to try to cater to each club's needs and desires. 


An entry-level package for clubs looking to define their current situation before building toward solutions. The first step in any process is setting up a structure to build on; an analysis.

Additionally, we provide an easy-to-understand brochure to communicate and connect with your club and its community.


A package geared toward semi-professional clubs or an amateur club looking to kickstart its journey in sustainability. The purpose is to define the current situation before building toward solutions. The sustainability brochure is included in order to communicate the club's sustainability situation to its fans, supporters, members and employees.
A reduction plan is then created to demonstrate what types of changes make sense in order to reduce the use of resources within the club.


A package catered to a professional or semi=professional clubs looking for an in-depth analysis of their current situation AND a plan for solutions. Additionally, we provide a detailed sustainability PDF to communicate the gathered data, set objectives, and set up the foundation for years to come.


A package for clubs required or seeking an all-inclusive sustainability package. This includes an in-depth environmental analysis, a stakeholder analysis, a plan and a full-on sustainability report. In addition, in-house workshops are provided to change the culture of the club from within. If necessary, we can fulfill federation or league-wide regulations (such as those from the DFL) and/or help in the implementation phase of the sustainable transition.

Current Usage Analysis

  • Water use
  • Electricity use
  • Energy use
  • Waste analysis

Sustainability Brochure

  • Info brochure about the club's current sustainability situation

Reduction Plan

  • Water, Electricity, Energy, Waste
  • Emissions (starting at the Advanced Package)

Emissions Calculation

  • Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions

Sustainability PDF

  • Current situation, objectives, future plans
  • Transparent communication 

Stakeholder Analysis

  • Stakeholder analysis and inquiry
  • Develop approaches to address identified stakeholders

Sustainability Report

  • Appropriate framework selection
    (DNK, GRI, etc.)

  • Selection of a suitable tool for data acquisition

  • Consulting for the determination and acquisition of necessary data


  • Raising awareness within the club

  • Climate education for employees and players


  • Help with the implementation of the sustainability plan

(DFL Sustainability Policies)

  • Additional option for clubs in the first two Bundesligas





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