DSC Arminia Bielefeld:

Together for a Sustainable Future in Football

In a world where the urgency for ecological sustainability grows louder by the day, the partnership between Arminia Bielefeld, elevengreen, and the dedicated football community shows that sport can be a powerful platform for positive change.

Unique Synergies for Environmental Protection

The project "DSC Fans for a Sustainable Future" is a shining example of how football can extend beyond the game and serve as a catalyst for actionable, local sustainable initiatives. Through the collaboration of fans, sponsors, service providers, and employees of DSC Arminia Bielefeld, innovative sustainability projects are being launched, supported by the Stadtwerke Bielefeld GmbH Foundation.

elevengreen: Bridging the Gap for Sustainability

As a link between different actors in the football ecosystem, elevengreen is committed to using football as a platform to not only raise awareness among fans but also mobilize clubs, companies, and sponsors around the topic of sustainability. With the goal of working together for a livable future for future generations, we build bridges and promote the development towards a more sustainable football.

From Idea to Implementation

The first workshops have already shown the potential when the football community comes together. Ideas for raising awareness, changing behavior, and building community around the club were developed and are now being prioritized and concretized. These projects are the first step on the path to tangible changes.

A Call to Participate

At elevengreen, we believe the best way to shape the future is to actively participate in it. The commitment of Arminia Bielefeld and its community shows that sustainability and sport can go hand in hand. We invite everyone to become part of this movement and together pave the way for sustainable football.

The Future is Green and Plays Football

The partnership between Arminia Bielefeld, elevengreen, and the entire football community is proof that the desire for a sustainable future in sports is real and achievable. Together, we are setting new standards for ecological responsibility and showing that football can be much more than just a game.

We look forward to further collaboration and the many innovative projects that lie ahead. Because together, we can create a sustainable future – on and off the field.

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