Together we can make it work. As a team.

Sustainability is a must.

All industries are forced to adapt. Sports are no different. Sustainability is not only becoming a requirement, it's also an investment.

We're here to help.

We understand how sports clubs work and our expertise in sustainability allows us to merge the two for the best possible solution. For your club and for the planet. 


We see ourselves as a dependable service partner for the implementation of sustainability projects. With a well-defined process we offer a range of services: from an all-in-one sustainability transformation to individual projects. All of it catered to your club's needs.


An all-in-one sustainability transformation. For clubs looking for a comprehensive plan toward sustainability.
Perfect for clubs looking to meet criteria such as the DFL sustainability criteria or future licensing requirements from governing bodies.


Where are we?
The first step to any sustainability transformation is knowing where we're doing well and where we might have potential to improve. We offer a comprehensive carbon footprint measurement as well as water use and waste production analyses.


What are we trying to achieve? 
Based on the analysis results, we can define a strategy and concrete targets to see what type of impact we can have.


What are the concrete steps we will take to reach our objectives?
Here we calculate what changes are required to get to where we want to be. Planning and timing included.


Where do we go from here?

Unlike some consultancies, we support you in the action-phase of sustainability by organizing and implementing the sustainable solutions necessary. Together with our network of solution and service providers, we find solutions that make sense.


Catered to your needs.

We know how sports clubs and organizations work; where they're good and where they might need a bit of support. Our goal is to find solutions for all clubs.

There are many factors that go into deciding what fits right for your club. Stakeholders, funding, region and club image all play a role. Finding the right fit is our job.

Finding out your club's particular identity and understanding what the objective is allows us to match you with a suitable project and funding partner.

Contact us and let's have a chat.

A few examples...

Solar panel system on the stadium roof

A solar panel system is a win-win for clubs in terms of environmental and financial sustainability. By capturing readily available solar energy, solar panel system is also a means of monetizing a stadium's roof area.

Electric charging infrastructure

Incentivizing eco-responsible transportation with electric charging infrastructure can make a big positive impact on your local community.

Transportation analysis and concept for employees and matchday spectators

Transportation is proportionally the largest contributor to a sporting club's carbon footprint. Find out how you can improve your club's transportation ecosystem.