We aim to be a bridge between companies and clubs that jointly commit to sustainability, creating new added value in the process. A new type of sponsorship. One that harnesses the power of sports for positive change.


Why sustainable partnerships?

Brand reinforcement or rebranding

Associating your image through a club or a project can serve to reinforce your brand or help take care of your image. Storytelling through the clubs and/or the players' voices are powerful.

Return on Investment

The increase in publicity around a good cause can be quantified. Examples include building importance in your local region, networking with new business clients and  having access to new customers.

Client care or customer retention

Whether your business is B2C or B2B, the involvement in sustainability in sports can serve to speak to your target group or take care of business partners.

Different visibility

Associating your name with responsible projects offers a new type of visibility which opens new doors. The market wants sustainable and responsible companies.

Access to a new market

An entry into the sports world offers new target groups and a whole new market. A first investment or sponsorship in sustainability projects also offers a new type of customer or client.

Positive positioning in societally-relevant subjects

As mentioned, the market wants sustainability. By sponsoring sustainable projects, you position your company as responsible. You take a stand against climate change.

Our Process



Brand Identity

So many factors go into your identity as a company. Whether it's your story, your region, your values, or a combination of all of that, we want to understand you and what's important to you. It's the only way to find the right fit.




Here we connect and present possible projects or clubs that help you reach your target group, build importance in a certain region, or connect with other partners. We present you a portfolio of possibilities and connect the dots depending on what you decide.


Target & Strategy

Target & Strategy

What's your goal as a sponsor?
Who's your target and how can we help you reach them. Sustainability and sports can be a vehicle to your objectives. We help you find the right approach.




The fulfillment of the project. The point of elevengreen. Here we execute the plan and make a concrete impact. In doing so, we bring you the visibility your company seeks.